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Intuitive Energy Healing

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is an approach to holistic healing that allows the practitioner to access their own deep meditative state, accessing an altered state of consciousness through the alpha-theta and delta brain waves, making it easier to receive intuitive information about a clients health or life situation.

The practitioner then works with and through God to assist the client in transforming and changing the emotions, beliefs and energies that are contributing to their current imbalance. Intuitive energy healing can be used for creating physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental healing.

How Intuitive Energy Healing Works

The intuitive energy healing practitioner uses a self guided meditation to put herself into a slowed brainwave state (altered state of perception) in a matter of seconds.  From this meditative state the practitioner is able to connect to the Superconcious or Divine Mind of God,  Divine Source, etc.

It is from this place of total and complete connection to the Divine that the practitioner is able to access and give an intuitive or psychic reading for the client. It is during this reading that the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual elements related to the current issue at hand for the client may be intuitively received. 

Instantly Change Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are the matrix upon which your entire reality lies. Beliefs are the energy that underlies the creation of your thoughts, your thoughts are what create your feelings, and your feelings are what create your actions and behaviors. A large part of the intuitive energy healing approach deals with this very matrix—the ‘secret’ of instantly changing your beliefs has the power to change your life! Doing belief work therefore is what I call the "Secret Behind "The Secret".

The Secret Behind The Secret

What the movie “The Secret” teaches us what is actually an ancient wisdom that sates that our thoughts and feelings are what create our reality. While this is largely very much true there is an element that is missing in this picture. This element is what I call the "Secret behind the Secret" whose answer lies in the changing of the very substance which creates our thoughts and feelings: the belief matrix.

Since it is your beliefs which underlie everything you think, feel, and do it is most effective to start here when seeking to change a behavior or pattern.

Belief work is therefore the way to unify yourself and bring your thoughts and feelings into alignment. Intuitive Healing is an incredible tool that allows us to change our beliefs instantly. From belief work alone you will begin to change the very matrix of your reality from the source of its creation.

Intiuitive Energy Healing Practices

Muscle Testing or Energy Testing

Your intuitive healing practitioner will use energy testing or muscle testing to check for the existence of the limiting belief patterns. Muscle testing is a simple technique which is used to effectively check the subconscious mind of the client to see if the limiting belief is present.

Download Feelings and Programs

Another big part of intuitive healing techniques are the downloading of certain feelings and programs from the Creator. Downloading feelings and programs assist the client in being able to fully accept the new belief by instantly teaching them what it feels like to have that belief.

For instance the practitioner might ask God or Source to instill he belief of “I am rich” into the client, but if the client has never known what it feels like to be rich it is unlikely the belief will hold. It might just not go in altogether. So the feeling work allows the client to instantly have the feeling of what it feels like to be rich on the cellular level. It is then possible for the client to more easily accept the new belief of “I am rich” on the subconscious level. 

The Role of the Intuitive Healing Practitioner: Witnessing

What I love about this technique is that God/Source/Universe is the prime mover. The role of the practitioner is just to make the request, or what are called decrees or command prayers, and then witness the changes as done. The act of witnessing is integral in bringing the healing into fruition, however it is God that does the actual work.

This is quite different from many other modalities that rely heavily on the intentions of the healer to move and manipulate the energy of their own accord. In intuitive healing, the healer accesses the highest vibration available, that of Unconditional Love, or God, Universe, Divine Source, etc.

The Seven Elevations of Consciousness

One metaphysical understanding of the structure of reality are the Seven Planes of Existence or the Seven Elevations of Consciousness. In reality all the planes are one manifestation of the one reality, however the concept of the Seven Elevations is useful in understanding how intuitive healing works and why it is different from and sometimes more effective than other modalities.

12 Strand DNA and the DNA Activation

For decades scientists have thought we had only 2 strands of useful DNA. They coined the other 10 strands "Junk DNA" simply because they were unable to determine the function or purpose of these 10 additional strands. Science is now confirming that these strands may very well have a purpose.

For spiritual healers this "Junk" DNA has a crucial purpose! The activation of the 12 strand DNA prepares our bodies for the next stage of evolution here on the earth plane.

The DNA Activation advances our inherent intuitive and psychic abilities and also aids our bodies in ridding itself of the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis in this modern age. With the DNA activated we also then have the ability to slow the aging process by activating what is known as the Youth and Vitality Chromosome. The Youth and Vitality Chromosome are the true "Fountain of Youth" found where else but within our very own DNA!

Clear Negative Energy

The intuitive healing technique is also effective at clearing negative energy and influences from the body as well as from inanimate objects such as homes and buildings. Wayward spirits, psychic hooks, cords, entities, and other energetic influences can cause problems in our day to day life. What is worse is that we may not even be aware that these “unseen” energetic things are affecting us.

It is also possible to pull radiation and other environmental toxins from the body using a similar process. Your practitioner will scan your energetic field and clear you of any of these things should they be present. Physical Healings and Viewing Inside the Body: Medical Intuitive

Intuitive energy healing can also be used to create physical healings as well.

The healer uses the same connection to God accessed through the altered state of perception to witness changes on the physical body. By viewing inside the body and communicating with the different organ systems the practitioner is able to gain insight and information about what may be going on with the clients physical health. When you hear the term medical intuitive, this is what it is referring to.

Usually belief work will precede and/or follow a physical healing to ensure that the client has positive beliefs about accepting and maintaining the healthy state.

Manifesting Abundance

Intuitive energy healing is also a wonderful tool to use when you seek to manifest more abundance in your life. Whether it be financial abundance, finding a soul mate, manifesting a better job, etc. the manifesting and abundance technique in Theta Healing is quite powerful. Belief and feeling work are usually integrated with the manifesting abundance technique which is easy to learn and use.

Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and The Deceased

The intuitive energy healing techniques can be used to contact your guardian angels, spirit guides,or deceased relatives. Sometimes these beings will automatically show up during a healing session if God sends them as a necessary part of your healing.

In spiritual healing we always access the energy of  Unconditional Love (God, holy spirit, Source...etc), before attempting to contact a guardian spirit.

One Path Many Applications

Generally the practitioner will be guided intuitively as to what needs to happen in a session. Typically there is a combination of many of the branches used in each session. Because every session is completely intuitively guided each session is always different.

Because intuitive energy healing works directly with this creative force, which we understand as the creative power of God/Universe/Source, etc, the client will always get what is in their highest and best good at the time.

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