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Alchemy of the Holy Flame tm
A Sacred Immersion

A 5 Month Experiential Journey
Into the Five Pillars of Peace
2024 Dates TBA

Alchemy of the Holy Flame Infographic

There is a structure underneath all of creation and you are an intimate part of it.  It is something you have felt in your bones all your life. The pulse of this innate knowing of what is true has been imprinted on your soul since time immemorial.

And yet we are born into this world, the great mystery of life, having entered through the cloud of unknowing, leaving us free to have the experience of discovering, of unraveling, this sacred mystery for ourselves, like a game of hide and seek. 

This unknowing is precisely the thing that drives us mad and yet also keeps us seeking for more. It is the Alpha and the Omega, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the Beginning and The End. It is exactly this sacred and holy dance that happens between the two polarities that generates life, and without which creation could not exist.

Deep within each of us burns a Holy Flame, the thread that weaves through all creation, bringing it’s illumination and it’s fire, showing us where we are separate from Truth, burning through the deep pain of our denial, and opening the way back to Love,.

When we learn to work intentionally with this holy fire, we begin to pierce the veil of reality; we lose our fear of deep surrender to it’s subtle structure, a structure which is hidden all around us in plain sight, making itself known through our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and most notably, through our relationships.

When this veil is pierced the truth reveals itself quite elegantly and it is this taste of Truth which reveals the understanding how we are active participants the creation of our lives, not just passive bystanders, but as active players in the alchemical process of co-creation.

For we are both the created and the creator. The creator and the creation are one. One taste, one pulse, one body, one mind, and one soul, expressing itself through relationship.

In 2018 I received, through direct revelation, a body of work called The Five Pillars of Peace. The Five pillars are founded on ancient spiritual truths and universal laws which underpin the creation of life itself. 

The Pillars are portals into different aspects of knowledge, and each is interdependent on the other, like a sacred interlocking geometrical shape, these pillars interact and activate one another, awakening emotional codes within our body and mind that when harmonized, open the gateway to a new form of being and a fresh way of experiencing reality. In the metaphysical sense, they are “portals” which are activated by the feeling tones we embody. 

Once these feeling tones are activated and harmonized with one another, the Gates open and we no longer look for “the Way”, we literally become “the Way” and we realize that WE ARE THE WAY.

This is not a process that happens outside of us, but rather an internal alchemy within our being, within our consciousness, and within our very understanding of who we are in the creation.

As an internal process this alchemy is subtle and unseen.  The “second coming of Christ” is exactly that—an involution of wisdom that occurs within (feminine expression), in contrast to the external revelation and external structures that were generated by the first coming of Christ (masculine expression).

The Alpha and the Omega are intricately linked, one cannot exist without the other, and as creation moves through its cycles each must have it’s full and complete expression in the process of awakening.

We are in the time of the great awakening. This is the Quickening. This is Judgement Day, where all that has been hidden will now be shown. All that was unseen is seen. And all that has been concealed is now revealed.

This is not a time to fear but rather a time to celebrate, and a time to pay close attention to how we are living our lives, the actions we are taking, and what we are choosing to focus our time energy and efforts on. For we are literally creating the future at rapid speed and each of us is responsible for what future we choose to create. 

I believe that the time has long since arrived where it is necessary to drop much if not all of the so-called healing “techniques” and “processes”. I believe most of these are long outdated and no longer necessary in this new energy.

The more valuable skill in my opinion is learning how to effectively navigate the new energy; how to ascertain the structure of your creation so you can co-create with it; and  learning to deeply listen to your own inner knowing as you walk your unique soul path.

The time of following the outer “gurus” has passed and the age of the inner guru has at last come.

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