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About Alternative Healing Practices

Alternative Healing Practices: My Guiding Philosophy

The approach I take when I work with clients can best be described as "holistic energetic". This means that no matter what issue you are presenting with during the time of your session, I am looking at the big picture of who you are in relation to the rest of your life spiritually, physically, and energetically.


The alternative healing and holistic healing viewpoint allows me to see you as a part of a much larger interconnected web of experiences. Usually the current issue or problem you are dealing with is mirroring several other aspects of your life at the same time. The holistic approach allows us to address the presenting "symptom" while at the same time addressing many other facets of your life and experience simultaneously. So if you want to understand how to be happy, you have to realize the interdependent nature of imbalance as well as healing.


The energetic part of my approach rests in the understanding that the core of any issue always begins at the level of energy, usually created by experience and locked into consciousness by your emotions. To gain lasting healing and transformation you must go to the source. When I work with you I will read the energy of the situation or the “problem” and then use my intuitive capacities to help guide you to where you need to be in order to release the old patterns that are no longer serving you. When you shift at the level of energy, everything else follows.

Alternative Healing Practices: Why Choose an Alternative Healing Approach

Working with an alternative healing professional can help you to begin to unravel the source of the imbalance. A good healer can help you to clear the limiting beliefs and toxic emotional residue that keep you stuck in a state of less than ideal functioning.

I like to use the image of a ball of yarn.  Energy psychology approaches view physical, mental and emotional problems as arising first in an imbalance in the energy systems.  The way you interpret and make sense of the experiences that happen to you can sometimes become like tangled up ball of yarn in the energy body. This disrupted energy then blocks the healthy flow of life force throughout the physical body and organ systems and thus contributes to illness and imbalance in a multitude of other areas of your life. If it remains in this state for long enough emotional problems and physical illness often result.

The alternative healing and holistic approach is about unraveling this metaphorical "ball of yarn" using gentle and effective spiritual counseling, alternative energy healing, and energy psychology techniques. My role as a facilitator for your healing is to help guide you in a way so that you can begin to develop your own awareness of how this process works for you specifically.

All healing is an individual journey. Because each person is unique there is no one right way for everyone-it is a unique process of unfolding that is special just to you. In this way you become empowered to learn how to heal yourself because you will understand your own unique personal road map to your awakening and your healing.

I am honored to be a part of your journey of healing and awakening. I hope you will enjoy browsing my website. And when you are ready I would love to hear from you.

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