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Belief Work

The Essence of Belief Work in Intuitive Energy Healing

Belief work in alternative energy healing allows us the ability to access the energy of creation to assist us in instantly clearing limiting beliefs.

In spiritual healing approaches we always ask God to instill a new positive belief in place of the one that was pulled. Why do we do this? Replacing an old belief with a new one is actually a very important part of the process especially when you begin to dig down deep to the bottom core beliefs.

Because so much of our apparent reality is based upon these deep beliefs to simply pull the negative ones without instilling a positive one in its place can actually cause more harm than good. By replacing a limiting belief with a positive one we are assuring that the we begin to build positive beliefs and experiences based on Truth.

Digging: Getting to the Bottom Belief

One of the most effective techniques to change your beliefs is by what is termed "digging". Digging is the most effective way to get to the core issue.

Typically everyone has a several "key" limiting beliefs that are supporting all the other ones like a house of cards. Often when the bottom belief is cleared, all the other beliefs that were being supported by it will also automatically clear. This is why digging is so important. It saves time and is more effective.

It is easy to sit around and pull top layer beliefs--a healer could do this all day long with a client and there might be some real improvement. But without digging to the core belief, these top layer beliefs will rebuild themselves and lasting change is unlikely.

The Process of Digging

The process of "digging" is a bit like a "lets play worst case scenario" game. The healer will gently lead the client through a series of questions until the core issue is reached.

Usually there will be a release of emotion at this point which is indicative that the key issue has been reached. If you reach this point, this is a sign of great success so don't be afraid to let yourself go here. If you want true healing and lasting change this is right where you need to be!

By allowing Source Energy to heal this core issue for you, your life will begin to change. Old patterns will eventually begin to fade away and you will feel lighter and freer once this process has been successfully completed. 

The Four Levels of Belief

Present Level Beliefs
There are four levels on which we hold our beliefs. The first level is what is termed the "Present Level". Present Level beliefs are developed throughout our lives from early childhood and into adulthood. These beliefs have to do with everything we are told about ourselves by other people, usually those we respect and admire. Parents, teachers, close friends, etc. have all had an effect on shaping who we believe we are and how we perceive our reality whether positive or negative, limiting or unlimited. Core Level beliefs are held energetically in the frontal lobe of the brain, or forehead area.

Genetic Level Beliefs
The second level beliefs are held on is the "Genetic Level". Genetic level beliefs are literally energetic imprints of beliefs from our family genetic heritage, passed down to us through the generations. It can be quite surprising to find beliefs on this level that we are not even aware that we may have!

These energetic imprints are held as energy in the morphogenic field of the DNA, not the actual physical DNA. The morphogenic field is an energetic field around the DNA that holds and transmits information. The existence of this field and the effects it can have on is surroundings has been proven by scientific studies and written about in detail by Greg Braden in his book "The Divine Matrix".

When an individual clears beliefs on the Genetic Level, all the relations who share DNA with this individual, for up to seven generations and perhaps beyond (such as siblings and offspring) will also be cleared. Now that's efficiency!

Collective Level Beliefs
The third level of beliefs is termed the "Collective Level". These are beliefs that the individual carries with them from past lives. If you do not believe in past lives you may then consider these beliefs as coming from what Carl Jung termed 'the collective unconscious' of humanity as a whole. These beliefs are held in the persons auric field behind the shoulders and base of the head and neck.

Soul Level Beliefs
The fourth level of beliefs is called the "Soul Level". Soul Level beliefs are the deepest layer of belief. These are the beliefs that have often been with us the longest over many lifetimes and generations. However just because they are the deepest layer of the belief levels does not necessarily make them more difficult to clear.

Soul Level beliefs are held energetically in the central chest area around the heart chakra. When these beliefs clear the client will often feel noticeably lighter and more at peace.

A Note About the Belief Levels
It is important to note as well that not every belief is held on all of the four levels. Often a belief may only exist on one or two levels. Your practitioner will know what level your belief is held on, or you may use muscle testing to determine it on your own.

How Beliefs are Instantly Changed in Alternative Energy Healing
Belief work is a very simple process. The practitioner will go into an altered state of perception, a mild trance-like state-- and connect with God. From here she will use what are termed "commands" to request that the belief be pulled, sent to Gods light and replaced with the chosen positive belief.

The healer then will witness the belief as energy coming out of the client on the various belief levels and then witness as the new belief goes in. Often muscle testing will be used to confirm that the change has taken place and to give confirmation to the client that it is so.

Most of the time belief work is a simple process and will happen effortlessly. However occasionally the healer will notice that the new belief does not "go in", or that it goes in but the client muscle tests negative for having the new belief. In both of these instances it is necessary to either begin digging for the bottom belief or work on downloading feelings and programs or both.

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