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I've never fit neatly into the proverbial "box".

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara 1998 I went to massage school and became a licensed massage therapist as a way to begin working in the field of the healing arts. But massage was not my life’s calling. So in  2008  I began to seek formal training and mentorship in alternative energy healing and the intuitive arts. 

How I got to where I am today as a spiritual teacher, somatic sex therapist and intuitive healer, obviously did not happen overnight nor all in a straight line.  It happened, as life does, through many twists and turns, through the mistakes of my youth, broken relationships, inner struggles and exterior strife. 

But then again most things worth having are borne through overcoming adversity.  If it was easy all the time what would be the point?

Though I trained in and became certified in numerous healing "techniques" I owe most of my success to my friend and mentor Teresa Tingle who generously spent her time and energy teaching me, encouraging me and training me above and beyond what could ever be taught or learned in a class and in 2008 I quickly  began working professionally as medical intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual guide.

In 2011 I returned to academia to earn a masters degree in Professional Counseling where I began to pursue my interest in sex therapy and subsequently building a successful sex therapy and somatic sex education practice which I ran for ten years in Austin, TX before I deciding to leave mental health to focus solely on results oriented intimacy and somatic sex coaching for couples and individuals.

I write more in depth about how I became a sex therapist and how all this "sex stuff" came into play in my bio on my other website here:  

Contact me to learn more. I work with clients worldwide.

 “The essence of the work I do is ultimately about helping my clients to understand where and how hey are blocked from experiencing the fullness of the life they desire and then working with and through the Universal Source to assist them in releasing and re-patterning the emotions, beliefs and limitations to change their experience of life itself.  The beauty of this work is that the life giving power of the Universal Source does the actual healing and I as the ‘healer’ am merely the witness.”

-Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A.

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