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My Story: The Long Version

I knew I wanted to be a healer since I was six years old.

I was greatly influenced at an early age by the teachings of Jesus in the bible, the miraculous healings he did, and his words to his disciples “All this you shall do and more”  and I believed this promise. 

I truly believed that we are all capable of doing miraculous things as Jesus did and even more. 

As a child I was also influenced by the stories my father would tell me about the faith healing services he attended on Wednesday evenings in St. Louis, let by Bill and Sue Banks. 

He told me of seeing broken bones healed and deformed limbs restored before his eyes. So I've always had the belief that the most direct way to "heal" was by working with and through God-why settle for anything less? 

But growing up in a conservative household in the middle of the breadbasket of America, I always felt a bit out of place with my insatiable creativity and my non-conformist beliefs about "god", "religion" and life. 

I've never fit neatly into the proverbial "box".

So, by my late teens I had completely rejected my father’s religion. I rejected the whole “God” thing and started to explore meditation and Eastern Philosophies. At the age of 18 I moved to California, majored in the academic study of religion at University of California, Santa Barbara and became a Tibetan Buddhist.

I walked the Tibetan path for four years before finally realizing that at the end of the day religion is still religion. Doesn’t matter if it’s Eastern or Western or whatever—dogma is still at the heart of all “religion”. 

And so I walked away from the Buddhist path and decided it was just easier to love God. Skip all the religious programming, distorted teachings, and dogmas, and instead learn to listen to the tune of my own soul; Learn how to go direct to God-to the Source of the All that Is-and to allow the Holy Spirit to teach and guide me directly.

Early Beginnings

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara 1998 I went to massage school and became a licensed massage therapist as a way to begin working in the field of the healing arts. But massage was not my life’s calling. So in  2008  I began to seek formal training and mentorship in alternative energy healing and the intuitive arts. 

How I got to where I am today as a spiritual teacher, therapist and intuitive, obviously did not happen overnight nor all in a straight line.  It happened, as life does, through many twists and turns, through the mistakes of my youth, broken relationships, inner struggles and exterior strife. 

But then again most things worth having are borne through overcoming adversity.  If it was easy all the time what would be the point?

Though I trained in and became certified in numerous healing "techniques" I owe most of my success to my friend and mentor Teresa Tingle who generously spent her time and energy teaching me, encouraging me and training me above and beyond what could ever be taught or learned in a class and I quickly  began working professionally as medical intuitive, healer, and intuitive coach.

Receiving The Divine Feminine Path

In the winter of 2012 I went for a hike in the woods up at my favorite hiking trail near my home in Austin, TX. As I sat down by the creek to spend a few moments in stillness and solitude I clearly received the message through an inner voice that said "You will teach on the Divine Feminine". 

At the time I honestly had no idea what this meant! But I felt the truth in what I was hearing.  And inwardly I exclaimed "Yes. Ok. I will teach on Divine Feminine. Show me how. Teach me and I will teach as you say."

Soon thereafter I received a direct initiation into the Order of St. Mary Magdalene and began receiving direct transmissions and intuitive guidance on leading and initiating others into the Divine Feminine path. 

My intuitive work also began to take on a life and direction of its own at this time. The work itself became my teacher which is truly the hallmark of the Divine Feminine path.

The Divine Feminine path is not fixed or dependent on dogma or "technique".  It's living and fluid, ever changing, ever expanding, always inspired and ever true to the moment.

And what I've come to learn is that doubt, fear and disbelief are the three biggest obstacles to our deeper freedom. They are also the three biggest obstacles to doing spiritual healing and intuitive coaching work. 

Doubt fear and disbelief are the gatekeepers of the Matrix;  we allow them to keep us under tight control and locked into the limitations and the confines of this 3-D illusion that we have all complacently agreed to call “reality”.

The deeper truth is that if we were to overcome our fear we would literally be seeing the truth of heaven on earth here and now.

Not in some distant far off place in the sky. And not in some distant time in the future when Jesus comes floating out of the clouds to save us. But literally here and now. 

The only pathway to realizing this truth in the world is by first walking the path to realize and know it within. It is literally a matter of how we see things, and not necessarily what we see. 

This is how we create the New Earth; This is how we enter the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven: we change the world by changing  how we see it, how we relate to it, and how we match our inner vibration to that of the Kingdom of Heaven through the embodiment of the five feeling tones encoded in the Five Pillars of Peace tm

A Blend of Both Worlds

In 2011 I would return to academia to earn a masters degree in Professional Counseling where I began to pursue my interest in sex therapy (women's sexuality to be exact), and subsequently building a successful sex therapy practice-Pathway to Pleasure Collective- helping individuals and couples restore intimacy, deepen connection, and get back to love. 

Despite my escapades through academia and the realms of numerous professional trainings, certifications and licenses, I've never left the beauty, magic and wonder of the mystical, which most of the "mental health" world tends to ignore.  

So you find me here today, blending the best of both worlds; the mundane and the mystical, the mainstream with the magical.

Because as I've said, I've never fit neatly into the proverbial "box".  And I don't ever plan to!

I work with clients in the United States and in countries around the world. I begin with a complimentary 20 minute consultation. If you're ready to take the next step I invite you to book yours now.

The Short Version-a.k.a "Traditional" Bio

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA, is a spiritual teacher, intuitive coach and holistic healer, specializing in working with the mystical wisdoms of the Divine Feminine spiritual paths. She is also a licensed professional counselor and specialist in women's sexuality and is the founder and CEO of the Pathway to Pleasure Collective, her sex therapy practice focused on helping women and couples restore intimacy and return to love. (Susan is licensed in the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)).

Susan has been teaching on women's holistic health  since 2003 and leading groups and workshops on Divine Feminine spirituality and holistic healing since 2008.  She holds a bachelors degree in Religious Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara where she also studied dance. 

After training as a massage therapist in 1998 and later working as as a medical intuitive and alternative energy healing practitioner, Susan went on to pursue a masters degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University San Marcos in 2011.  Susan works with clients around the world and in person in Austin, TX. 

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 “The essence of the work I do is ultimately about helping my clients to understand where and how hey are blocked from experiencing the fullness of the life they desire and then working with and through the Divine to assist them in releasing and re-patterning the emotions, beliefs and limitations to change their experience of life itself.  The beauty of this work is that their Divine Source does the actual healing and I as the ‘healer’ am merely the witness.”

-Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A.

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