About Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

My Story: The Long Version

I've never fit neatly into the proverbial "box".

I grew up in a conservative household in the middle of the breadbasket of America, always feeling a bit out of place with my insatiable creativity and my non-conformist beliefs about "god", "religion" and life. 

I got myself to California as fast as I could and found my tribe. And for the first time in my life, I no longer felt like the lone oddball in the room! I was surrounded by wierdos just like me, and at last I felt at home!

California nurtured my young soul in so many ways though eventually I left that sacred beauty and my bohemian lifestyle to raise a family in Austin, TX where I reside today.  

How I got to where I am today as a spiritual teacher, therapist and intuitive, obviously did not happen overnight nor all in a straight line.  It happened, as life does, through many twists and turns, through the mistakes of my youth, broken relationships, inner struggles and exterior strife. 

But then again most things worth having are borne through overcoming adversity.  If it was easy all the time what would be the point?

I received my undergraduate degree in the academic study of Religion at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  And though I enjoyed learning ,the academic world was too stuffy for me. Too conceptual and lacking in experiential ways of attaining true wisdom. 

Not to mention that my soul had longed since a very young age to be a healer, counselor, and an entrepreneur! So upon graduating with my degree, I immediately put myself through massage school, and despite my college degree, massage therapy became my first career, 

But deep down I longed for more, For I longed to help and to heal beyond the physical, in the way I had heard about as a young child from the stories my father would tell me of the healing ministries of Bill and Sue Banks in St. Louis where I grew up-where they healed and prophesied through the Divine love of god. 

And so I eventually left massage and began to study and train in the alternative healing arts, eventually receiving many certifications and working professionally as a medical intuitive and alternative energy healer and founding the Feminine Wisdom Academy in 2008. 

In 2011 I would return to academia, perhaps a part of me feeling I needed to become more "official" or "legitimate"  with my work, or like it was time to "grow up" and live up to a more "appropriate" profession in line with what my parents had envisioned for me. Or perhaps I was simply pursuing my lifelong nudging to be a counselor, and to one day earn a Masters Degree? 

And so it was that I earned my masters degree in Professional Counseling and began to pursue my specialty in sex therapy (women's sexuality to be exact),  building a successful therapy practice-Pathway to Pleasure Collective- helping women and couples restore intimacy, deepen connection, and get back to love. 

And yet I longed to return to the magic and wonder of the mystical--which. I discovered-- the mental health field has all but snuffed out. 

And so you find me here today, blending the best of both worlds. The mundane and the mystical, the mainstream with the magical.

Because. as I' said before: I've never fit neatly into the proverbial "box".  And I don't ever plan to!

I work with clients in Austin, TX and around the world.  We begin with a complimentary 20 minute consultation. If you're ready to take the next step I'd love to invite you to book yours now.

The Short Version-a.k.a "Traditional" Bio

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA (formerly Morgan Susan Taylor), is a specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality.  

She is the founder of The Feminine Wisdom Academy--an online women's mystery school best known for her signature program--Way of the Priestess Divine Feminine Life Coaching Certification-- and the Pathway to Pleasure Collective, her private coaching and counseling practice focused on helping women and couples restore intimacy and return to love. (Susan is licensed in the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)).

Susan has been teaching on women's holistic health since 2003 and leading groups and workshops in person and online sine 2008 an has a special gift for helping her clients reconnect to their deeper truth and soul wisdom. 

She holds a bachelors degree in Religious Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara where she also studied dance. 

And after training as a massage therapist in 1998 and later as a medical intuitive and alternative energy healing practitioner, Susan went on to pursue a masters degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University San Marcos in 2011. 

Susan works with people around the world and in person in Austin, TX. 

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 “The essence of the work I do is ultimately about helping my clients to understand where and how hey are blocked from experiencing the fullness of the life they desire and then working with and through the Divine to assist them in releasing and re-patterning the emotions, beliefs and limitations to change their experience of life itself.  The beauty of this work is that God does the actual healing and I as the ‘healer’ am merely the witness.”

-Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A.

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