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Sacred Intimacy 
Eros as the Living Bridge to the New Earth

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Sacred intimacy is about our connection with life itself. It's about truth, love, wisdom, relationship, trust and most importantly, a deep surrender to the web of life which holds all of our experience inside a divine container of love, leading us faithfully back to the Original Source of our being. 

Connection can mean many things for many people.

And intimacy  is not always about your involvement with another person. Nor is intimacy always related to the physical act we call "sex". 

It's much bigger than that. Much more expansive. Much more nuanced and magical.

Sacred intimacy asks us to delve into the worlds within us, to the inner sanctum of our being, to discover who we truly are in relationship to all of life. 

Here on my website you 'll find links to the diverse facets of my work in the field of sexuality, spirituality, and intuitive energy healing.

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My couples sex therapy and relationship help is offered via my business Pathway to Pleasure. Originally located in Austin, TX and now serving clients worldwide through online sex therapy for couples and individuals. To learn more about my sex therapy visit 

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My spiritual offerings range from intuitive healing certification programs to experiential courses in my proprietary spiritual technology called the Five Pillars of Peace. The building of the New Earth invites us into an entirely new way of being. These spiritual technologies offer us a roadmap. To learn more about these unique offerings click here.  

Sacred Intimacy, Spirituality, Sexuality and Beyond

I've always thought of my work as a bridge between the traditional and the new, spiritual and scientific, and spiritual and mundane. I hold multiple academic degrees and professional licenses, as well as numerous certifications in the holistic healing arts and integrative therapies. 

Here on this website you will encounter an integration of the many diverse facets of my work involving the deeper aspects of the psyche.

I'm a bit of a paradox and have never fit neatly into any single "box".

The common theme throughout all my offerings is about empowering you to return to the source of connection and love that resides-always and forever- within you.

Allow me to be your guide for this portion of your journey. Through my work I offer you my unique spiritual gifts as an illuminator and a bridge.

It is my divine service to Source and to humanity to create tangible and practical structures and experiences that serve to bring high level spiritual Truths into tangible and understandable concepts and practices so that you too can begin to remember these Truths within you.

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