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igniting healing through conscious connection

Request your complimentary 20 minute Virtual Consultation today (conducted via Phone or Zoom):

Request your complimentary 20 minute consultation today

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching

becoming the Living Bridge of the New Earth.

Susan Morgan Taylor

Welcome fellow soul traveler. 

You’ve been on the path of personal development and spiritual growth for many years. You’ve done a lot of work on yourself. You are insightful and wise.

Growth is your highest value and you have dedicated your inner life to the cultivation of Truth and Love. You’re down to earth, and you know the value of a practical and grounded spirituality, one that is deeply connected to your humanness and your humanity.

But you're feeling a bit lost right now.  The chaos and confusion of life has started to feel overwhelming to you. This has started to reflect in your relationships, your work, and your overall sense of purpose in the world. You feel confused. Tired. Overwhelmed. And most of all- uncertain how to take that next step forward.

You intuitively know you need a guide: someone to help you see what is true and to navigate past the stuck points that you can't seem to get past on your own. But you've been unsure as to where to look or who to reach out to. You've put the intention out and thankfully your intuition has led you here to my website!

  • You’re here now because you’re ready for the next step.
  • You’re ready to go deeper.
  • You’re ready for the next level of awakening that is yours, waiting to be discovered within you.

And the good news is that I am someone who can help you get back onto your path for the next leg of your journey. 

The best place to begin is by booking a complimentary 20 minute virtual consultation with me here.

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive coaching: Walking the Masters' Path

Welcome to the Masters' path.

This is your invitation to take yet another step deeper into your journey of personal Mastery.  And to begin by learning to walk the Master's path of  Truth and Love.

Allow me to be your guide for this portion of your journey.

Through my work I offer you my unique spiritual gifts as an illuminator and a bridge.

It is my divine service to Source and to humanity to create tangible and practical structures that serve to bring high level spiritual Truths into tangible and understandable concepts and practices so that you too can begin to remember these Truths within you.

  • So that you may awaken to the direct wisdom that resides already within you.
  • And so that you may gracefully cross the living bridge into the creation of the New Earth.

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching: Integrative and Holistic Approaches

I've always thought of my work as a bridge between the traditional and the new, spiritual and scientific, and spiritual and mundane. I hold multiple academic degrees and professional licenses, as well as numerous certifications in the holistic healing arts and integrative therapies. (Note: If you are looking for my licensed professional counseling/sex therapy services please find more info on my other website at 

Here on this website you will encounter an integration of the many diverse facets of my work involving the deeper aspects of the psyche:

  • Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Healing
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Spiritual Teachings and Guidance
  • Sacred Relationship and Sacred Sexuality
  • Professional Certification in Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching

The common theme throughout all my offerings is about empowering you to return to the source of connection and love  that resides-always and forever- within you.

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching: How to Take the Next Step

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch by booking a complimentary 20 minute virtual consultation here now. 

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