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Susan Morgan Taylor, MA is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings a depth and breadth of knowledge on a diverse array of topics. Embodying the archetype of a bridge and illuminator, Susan has a unique gift for bridging what are often considered taboo topics with practical, modern-day wisdom.

Susan brings a fresh and holistic perspective to the topics of sex, intimacy, relationships, religion, spirituality, and personal growth and development. She delivers this content in a way that audiences can understand, relate to, and connect with in a meaningful way.

Susan is a sex therapist, intuitive coach, and spiritual teacher with over 25 years experience empowering individuals and couples to live a life more aligned with truth, wisdom, pleasure, and love. Her clients experience more meaningful and satisfying relationships and deeper intimate connection as a result of their work together.

She is the founder of The Pathway to Pleasure Collective, host of Sex Talk Cafe Podcast, and the creator of the spiritual technology known as the Five Pillars of Peace tm. Susan works with clients worldwide and is available to be a guest speaker on your next podcast episode or at your live event. 

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Speaking Topics

  • The Pleasure Keys tm: 3 Secrets to Increase Desire, Deepen Pleasure, and Expand Your Orgasmic Potential
  • Love as a Spiritual Practice: The Feminine Art of Turning Sex into Love
  • Getting on the Same Page: Overcoming Desire Discrepancy in Couples
  • The 5 Spiritual Laws of Relationship tm: Universal Truths for Liberating Yourself from Fear and Expanding into Love

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Sex Talk Cafe Podcast Series features juicy conversations on the transformative power of sex, pleasure, and embodied sexuality. Hosted by Susan Morgan Taylor, MA specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality, and the founder of the Pathway to Pleasure Collective. Sex Talk Café features special guest interviews with experts in the field of somatic sex education, sex therapy, and sacred sexuality.

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