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Alternative Healing Approaches to
Health and Wellness are Holistic and Comprehensive

Alternative healing modalities and techniques are made up of numerous holistic healing approaches.  The "alternative" approach is founded on a fundamental principle of viewing the individual as a whole person, interconnected to many facets of life. This means looking beyond the current problem or "symptom" and addressing not only the physical aspect, but also the energetic, spiritual, mental,and emotional aspects of your experience.

Traditional approaches to health in Western medicine typically ignore the energetic and spiritual aspects of a person, seeking to alleviate symptoms rather than seeking out root causes.  Alternative approaches look beyond the symptoms to the source of the imbalance. Often this source is found in the emotional and energetic aspects of an individual.  In other words, rather than treat visible symptoms, alternative approaches look deeper, bringing balance to the unseen foundations of imbalance that create disease and symptoms in the first place.

Some of these "unseen" aspects are things like your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and of course your energy.  Energy is the foundation for most holistic healing treatments.  Alternative techniques aim to manipulate energy--through clearing, unblocking, removing and replacing--in order to affect change in your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Alternative Healing Modalities

There are many different types of holistic healing modalities in the world but at their core they are all aiming to accomplish the same thing: restoring the person to health and wholeness.  Holistic approaches embrace the belief that nothing is ever broken and there is really nothing to "fix".  Unlike the traditional medical models which aims to find the "problem" and fix what is wrong, alternative healing approaches seek to uncover or reveal the innate health and wholeness that lies within.

The best holistic healing practitioners recognize this truth--that nothing is broken and there is nothing to "fix",  and aim instead to see the person as already whole and healed, just in need of a little "dusting off" so to speak.  From a place of wholeness then, the practitioners role is to merely root out those things that obscure the truth.  These are things like limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions, and traumatic experiences that  are locked into our consciousness and causing imbalance, illness, disease, financial troubles and relationship problems.

Below are some links to a description of a variety of alternative medicine modalities.

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