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Women's Group
"The Soul Sessions"

Therapeutic Women's Support Group
Live in Person in Austin, TX
September 9th-December 9th 2021

This group is a sacred container designed to provide nourishing support and soulful connection for women who are experiencing challenges in relation to the multifaceted pressures catalyzed by the current intensity of the times. 

The intense energy created by the polarities made evident in our outer world, are in fact a reflection of what lies within our own psyche. 

Polarity in and of itself is not the issue. 

What matters most is how we choose to relate to this polarity within ourselves. Whether we use it as a catalyst to aid our evolution towards love and expansion, or as a lure to keep us trapped in fear and darkness.

The Soul Sessions is a 3 month container where we will be re-aligning with our internal compass of truth and wisdom while learning to reclaim the parts of our power that have been projected onto the world as conflict, disharmony, shame, control, rejection, fear etc. 

The goal is to enter into a greater inner harmony, equilibrium and peace within ourselves which will enable each woman to more gracefully navigate her soul's purpose at this time. 

When: Thursdays from 10:00am -11:15am

Dates: September 9th and ending December 9th.

Where: In person at 1004 Mopac Circle Suite 101 Austin, TX 78746

Cost: A single payment of $625 or three payments of $225 

How: Please contact me directly to enroll 

If you'd like to share this with other women who you think may be a good fit please feel free to do so, however  I will need to speak with them prior to their enrollment or participation to ensure they are a fit for this group.  

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