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We'll Never Escape This....



Part of our humanity is the habit of clinging to the familiar—to what feels safe, comfortable.

So when expansion beckons us—when we make big leaps, or wish for big changes, or when life throws us curve balls—

Get ready.

Because every part of you will want to run, to hide, to return to the womb of comfort.

But the womb is also transformative, alchemical—it both nurtures and destroys---this is the cycle of life and the technology of creation.

New creations require a destruction of the old--a death of that which is worn out and no longer useful.

This is the way of the Divine Feminine in action.

We can learn more of this truth through observing our own bodies as women—understanding the creation cycle through our monthly cycles—the expansion into possibility and potential for new life and then the shedding, releasing, and transmuting what’s no longer needed as we release our moon blood—this creation cycle is right there within our own body.

And we need only look and listen more closely to understand it’s wisdom.

But letting go is very difficult for many of us.

Our culture does not value or honor death.

We cling to the idea of “life everlasting”, and life at all costs-- without really understanding that to have this “life everlasting” we must learn to dance with death; to look death squarely in the eye and to surrender to her alluring Truth:

That nothing lasts forever.

And it is our very clinging to our need for control, stability, familiarity, and comfort that keep us in our suffering.

Death is there to heal us of our pain.

To heal us of our affliction of our out of control need for control.

Death's soothing balm is that of a deeper truth, and she brings with her a deep and enduring love. If only we learn to open to her wisdom.

The more we allow ourselves to “die”—die to our clinging, die to our self importance, die to our need to be unique, popular, famous, wealthy, safe, comfortable, etc.---the more we receive life.

And with more life comes more wealth, support, abundance, love and the inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

So learn to dance with death.

Let your terror of surrender be your greatest teacher.

For we will never escape our own humanness, try as we might.

So battle with your fear if you must.

For it is the shadow, this very darkness, which is there to show us the way to greater Truth.

So embrace your fear. Embrace your mistrust. Dance with your doubt and your inner chaos.

Lean into it.

And die into this place of unknowing within you.

Surrender to this Death.

And let yourself be reborn through her mystery.



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