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Does Your Soul Long for This?
(And a story...)

What does your soul long for?

What keeps you up at night longing for more?

If you could create any life you wanted what would it look like?

What would be included?

Where would you go, what would you experience, who would you be?

And most importantly of all, what keeps you from creating this life for yourself?

When we are children we are not afraid to dream, to imagine, to create entire worlds and universe from the fantasies in our minds. Our creative energy flows freely.

Until, that is, life happens to us.

Many experience abuse or trauma from an early age. Those of us lucky enough to escape early childhood trauma experience it in other ways or later in life, through negative religious programming, social conditioning, or less than stellar relationship experiences that leave us feeling scarred, hopeless, and afraid to explore the world through the approach of innocence and curiosity.

We become hardened, crystalized, closed, and fearful.

We get married, have kids, work unfulfilling jobs, and find ourselves wondering if this is all there is to this thing called life.

Yet we don't know how to break free.

Many are too afraid to leave the soul numbing comfort zones of the safe and the familiar.

We end up blaming our marriage, the burdens of our job, or the stresses of having and raising a family as our excuse to stay stuck.

And so the soul dies a slow and silent death. And eventually the gateway to our creativity and soul nourishing dreams gradually closes, entrapping us in a life full of all the trappings but devoid of passion, love, and ecstatic living.

We are left only to dream of "one day" or to live out our unfulfilled longings through others, through our kids or the characters we see on TV.

Because the programming of "I can’t because......" has gotten too strong.

It's taken so much of a foothold on us that we forget the creative magic making spirit of our soul that we knew as kids. When we didn't know what doubt was and when we simply believed in magic.

Wouldn't you love to live in the magic again?

Wouldn't you love to learn to listen to and ACT ON the wisdom of your SOUL's LONGING for life, for love, for passionate and ecstatic living?

Living the call of your soul does NOT mean that you have to leave your marriage, or quit your job, or move to Bali.

But it DOES mean that you have to be COURAGEOUS enough to fully feel and face ALL of your fears of these things.

Because ecstatic living doesn't come to those who want to feel "safe" all the time. The initiation into living your soul’s longing is fear itself. Those who avoid feeling the fear will never pass through the portal to the other side.

My Story

15 years ago I broke free from a self-created stagnant life which had been encumbered by 11 years of an abusive relationship. A mother of two young children, dependent on my husband financially, and relatively unskilled for the workforce, I cried many nights alone in bed feeling stuck and hopeless, not knowing how to break free, and honestly too scared to leave.

The result was depression, anxiety, loss of interest in daily life, isolation, and pushing my dreams and desires onto others since I was too afraid to live them myself.

Then one day I snapped out of it.

I started to realize that nobody else could live my life except for me. If anything was to change or be different, I had to be willing to pay the price, feel the pain, move through the chaos, and go for it.

I had to be willing to carve out the hand-crafted life I longed for, and I had to be willing to confront ALL my fears.

So that's what I did.

And I can truly say today that I am living my soul’s longing in every way.

Over the past 15 years I've been broke and I have been flush with cash; I've been passionately in love and I've been heartbroken; I've been in partnership and I've been single; I've been happy and I've been sad; I've been anxious and I've been calm; I've been ecstatic and I've been burnt out; I've been all the ups and all the downs.

But at no time did I ever let circumstance dictate what I could or could not do with my life.

I stopped blaming. I stopped envying others. I took the bull by the horns and started doing whatever it would take to reach my dreams and live my soul's longing.

And it didn't happen overnight like in the movies. It’s taken my whole life to create this hand-crafted life. It hasn't been easy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Does your soul long for this too?

As I write this to you now, I sit in my new home in the stunning mountains of Western North Carolina. (Sunrise view from my porch is embedded below)

Sunrise from my deck

This has been a soul longing of mine since I was 12 years old. 35 years later, here I finally am.

Was it easy? No. Was it quick? No. Was it worth it? HELL YES!!

So, what's your soul's longing? And how much longer will you put it off?

What excuses will you continue to use to keep yourself from facing the fears you know you need to face in order to live an ecstatically alive soul directed life?

Does your soul long for this?

An Invitation

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In the meantime, what’s one thing you can do TODAY that will move you in the direction of your soul’s longing?



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