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Priestess Magic: How To Activate Your Psychic Abilities
LIVE Friday March 10th 2023
10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm Eastern

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Before I learned how to cultivate and consciously access my intuitive and psychic abilities, I thought those things were really hard to learn, and only for special chosen people (clearly NOT me!)

It wasn’t until I took my first training in 2008 that I realized I had been hearing people’s thoughts my entire life and that I in fact was already psychic!

You see, intuitive or psychic work, is extremely subtle. At first it may feel like you are making things up, like it’s not “real.”

And the three obstacles to intuitive work will take hold and will sabotage you.

The truth is that it is our imagination that is the gateway into the subtle spiritual and psychic realms. It's our willingness to be playful and curious, like little children, that opens the floodgates to the unseen realms of energy and spirit and activates our capacity to see, hear feel and know the “unseen”.

The fact is that anyone can learn how to do this.

Problem is we allow the three obstacles to intuitive work to get in the way. We listen to our doubt. We become seized by fear. We start to disbelieve all those magical things we once believed as children. The things miracles are made of.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

We can tame that fear, eradicate that doubt, and step into the magic and mystery of who we know we are as healers, intuitive, and magical beings capable of communicating with the unseen realms of of spirit.

Priestess Magic: How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities 

Join me this Friday March 10th at 12pm Central for a free masterclass on How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities and Overcome the Three Biggest Obstacles to Intuitive Work

In this class I’ll be sharing with you:

  • My story and how I overcame the three obstacles to psychic work and became a successful medical intuitive and psychic healer.
  • How to overcome the three roadblocks to doing intuitive work and why it matters.
  • The Four Gifts of the Priestess and how to find out which one is the strongest for you so you can leverage your gifts to help others.
  • The #1 trick to accessing your psychic abilities intentionally and why it’s important to learn to be in control of your abilities.
  • A story about how an intuitive reading healed a woman's grief and why it was more effective than months of therapy

This class will be happening LIVE THIS Friday March 10th, 2023, on Zoom and it’s free to attend.

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We go LIVE Friday March 10th at 10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm Eastern.

I HIGHLY recommend attending the live class, however if that’s not possible there will be a replay link available for a limited time after the live class for those who registered.

Step back into your magic with me on Friday March 10th. Get on the guest list for this class right here.



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