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Medical Intuitive
The Art of Seeing

What is a Medical Intuitive?

A medical intuitive is a person who has the ability to “see” inside the body and “read” the energy patterns of the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of a client. When a medical intuitive does this it is called a “reading”.

A medical intuitive may use their skills to assist a doctor with disease diagnosis or to help suggest lifestyle changes for their clients based on the information obtained during a reading. Some medical intuitives like myself, also have the ability to facilitate healing of these energetic imbalances to create change in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

A medical intuitive may work along side a medical doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist (these types of medical intuitives are usually referred to as counseling intuitives within the medical community) or work independently or both.

As a medical intuitive I use my intuitive ability to intuitively track the emotional, spiritual and psychological sources of illness and imbalance in the body. These imbalances often reveal themselves as blocked energy patterns and limiting t belief systems. I am also able to intuitively view the internal body and then read the energy of the organ systems and emotional centers.

I then use holistic healing techniques such as energy psychology  or other alternative energy healing practices to clear and reverse such patterns of imbalance by assisting you in clearing blocked energy, instantly changing limiting beliefs and programs, or clearing old trauma held in the body mind.

How a Medical Intuitive Works

There is a lot of variation in how a medical intuitive works and how they do their readings and healings. Some medical intuitives are self taught with no formal training in the intuitive arts, and others like myself have trained and studied under teachers of specific techniques and modalities.

It does not necessarily make a big difference whether or not a medical intuitive has formal training but what does count in this field of holistic medicine is experience and accuracy. All the training in the world will be of no use if a medical intuitive is not accurate or well practiced in their art.

So how does a medical intuitive do what they do? Well, since I am mostly familiar with the way I work in the medical intuitive setting, I will keep this description focused on my personal techniques, training and modalities.

How I Work

In each session I begin by connecting to a higher power, what I like to call God, what others may call Source, Spirit, The Universe, Divine Mind, Divinity, etc. This is the way I have been taught and trained to work in all my intuitive work-first connect to God and from there everything else will follow easily and accordingly and oftentimes more accurately.

Next I will either ask about a certain situation, for instance “Show me the source cause of Ricks muscle weakness in his left arm” or I will ask for a general reading, "Grant me a reading for Vicky, show me Truth".

After asking for the information required, I then wait to "receive" the answer. This may come by sounds, images, symbols, or I may be guided to an area of the body or an organ and then shown or told the source of the disease or imbalance.

For instance in determining the cause of Ricks muscle weakness in his arm, I was intuitively guided to and shown his fifth cervical vertebrae where I then received visually and quite literally- much like a movie playing before my minds eye—a replaying of an injury that had occurred to the area many years ago when he was a teenager.

Another time when asked to be shown "Truth" for a general reading of a client with some emotional problems, I was intuitively guided to her uterus and shown through symbols and energy patterns, that she had had an abortion many years before. We were then able to work through some of the unresolved emotional baggage that she was unconsciously carrying with her which was affecting her current life situation.

"Healer" as a Guide, Mentor and Facilitator

In summary, we must understand that consciousness creates and consciousness therefore also heals.  As the so called "healer" what I really am is merely a facilitator and a witness, a guide and a mentor to help you move towards your own transformation or healing.

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