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I cannot jump.  I cannot wade.  I cannot “surrender”. For this would suggest there is something to surrender TO or to release myself FROM. No. Today I just AM.

I am the surrender, I am the giving up, I am the depth, I am the flow. I am both the pain AND the sorrow, the joy and the bliss, the LIFE and the DEATH. I am SHE. 


She has NO GOAL, this river.  She has NO DIRECTION of her own save for the gentle arms of the stony banks , and it’s boulders, its twists and turns, it’s wild waterfalls and deep eddies.

Nor does she long for the sea, this river.  She has NO AIM, NO AGENDA, no five step visualization process that she does twelve times a day to make certain that she gets “there”.  For she, this river of LIFE—knows through her deep essence of PURE BEINGNESS that there is nowhere to “get to” for through her deep surrender she has ALREADY ARRIVED. 

She is pure FLOW.  Pure NOW.  Pure TRUTH.  Pure LIFE in it’s most naked essence.

She does not try to avoid the waterfalls, nor hold herself back from the depths.  She seeks not to avoid the rapids nor cling to the shallows. She, this river, WELCOMES ALL, for she IS all.  And she is never separate from herself.

She has no need to control. No need to direct.  No eternally unfulfilled and empty longing for anything other than what she IS for she is both EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at the same time. And in this KNOWING she embodies the entirety of life and death in her single BREATH made manifest through the gentle giving of her gift- her surrender.

For she, this river, this LIFE that is her-- cares not whether she arrives at the ocean quickly or slowly nor whether she arrives there at all. For she knows it is not her burden or worry to know such things.  For in her essence she trusts only that one day she will BECOME also the OCEAN, in perfect harmony with the original pull towards LIFE that she was born with when she first emerged from the depths of the dark and fertile earth.



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