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Holistic Healing Testimonials
Happy Clients Share Their Results

"Susan is such a beautiful soul and held such a sweet space for us to be tender with ourselves and deepen the space of the heart as she guides others to their own authentic awareness . What a gift! Deep gratitude to you."-Belinda Hart, Austin, TX

I want you to know just how much I appreciate our work together and how much I have learned and healed while working with you!  Thank you for pushing me into those dark spaces I have wanted to ignore.  I am so much clearer on why I have accepted less than I deserve and I am so much more committed to ME.  I don't know how you do what you do, but I am so blessed you are a part of my life and you are here because I needed you to be.  I am a better person because we met! -Mary Moore Cavanagh, Austin, TX

"I noticed shifts immediately. I was grinning like a school girl on the way back from the session feeling God’s love. I hear the Universe speaking to me about looking at and directly taking responsibility for myself"
Michelle Bromley, Austin TX

"As a result of working with Susan, my week was easier and I was able to complete tasks with ease and energy. I realize how important it is to take time from my busy life to nourish myself. I have come away with wisdom, tools, a sense of peace and strength, stronger faith in myself, our creator and others. I feel whole and supported. Thank you!"-Chanon Starnes. Austin, TX

"When entering Susan’s presence, you immediately are calmed and feel a sense of unconditional love and understanding. There is no judgment with her. The gifts that she shares allow you to relax and trust her so that you can begin healing; gifts of pure love, pure acceptance, and pure forgiveness. These are some of her healing tools.

She is capable of detecting certain pains or imbalances within your body and/or mind and brings them to light. In finding a disturbance, she uses love and non-judgment and allows God, Source, or the Universe (whichever method you use to describe your creator or higher power) to work through her as she works with you to correct past hurts and dysfunctional beliefs that may be creating illness in your body as well as ongoing mental anguish.

Oftentimes the revelations that come when working with her are beliefs that have been held since childhood, and beyond, but that are still at work in your life today. Many of these beliefs are held deep in our subconscious, often unbeknownst to us. They need to be exposed, resolved, understood, and released. This is emotional healing, and it is powerful.

I was drawn to Susan for help with healing from a very serious and potential fatal infection. Since beginning with Susan to work on my physical health, both physical and emotional healing has occurred. I consider my experience nothing short of a miracle. After our first session, I was given an unquestionable miracle that confirmed her words to me that very day. With the healing and growth that has come into my life since working with her, I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like had I been exposed to emotional healing from a young age.

We have been working together for 5 months, and I will be the first to say that my progress is astonishing. I will be forever grateful for my healing, and especially for Susan."

With all my love and gratitude,
Leanne Kidd, Chicago IL

 After working with Susan I find that  I am much more at peace with my life- the good and the bad.  I feel as if I am in control and I am able to handle "life" in a more positive way. I am now more confident in every aspect of my life.  My career has improved and continues to improve. My relationship with my daughter is wonderful.  I am enjoying the little things life has to offer and I never realized how many of them there are  I have even begun to start dating again and that is something I NEVER thought I would be doing at this point.  I have re-discovered the true me! I would not be where I am today without Morgan's help."-Christy Smith Ft. Worth, TX

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