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Engaging the Mystery 8 Week Group

Thanks for attending The 5 Spiritual Laws of Relationship Illumination event! I hope you had some ah-ha moments and that you got a lot out of the training.  As a way to go further with this work, I am opening up spaces in an 8 week spiritual growth and personal development group available only to those who attended the training. 

About This Group

There is power in a group. There is sacred work to be done. 

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and wait to be “saved” or wait for the world to change. We must become the living bridge into a new creation. We must shift our perception and the way we are fundamentally relating to ourselves, others and to life if we ever want to become truly free and live in peace, harmony and love

The journey begins within. It begins with doing the inner work of resolving the separation within our own minds first. When we shift our perception of the world, the world itself changes.

This is the Master’s way. 

  • If you’re tired of feeling stuck in old patterns, relationships that keep showing up again and again, feeling like things may never shift or change...
  • If you want to do the inner work necessary to begin to cultivate your true freedom and Sovereignty...
  • if you long to know what it means to cultivate Love and the practice love as a spiritual practice...

Then I invite you to step into this sacred group container. Come. Allow yourself to be seen. Avail yourself to guidance and grounded spiritual support and insight.  Become more fully yourself by being witnessed, held, and challenged. 

This is an experiential spiritual development and personal growth process group. There is no set curriculum. I follow a Dynamic Flow format that is informed directly by what each individual brings into the experience. What happens in group is determined by what you bring in individually as well as what the group choose to create collectively.  



  • You show up. 
  • You bring you. 
  • You bring your life. your struggles, your vulnerability, your energy. 


  • I hold the container. 
  • I offer guidance and direction.
  • I provide the nudges to help you source from your deeper spiritual wisdom.  


  • Together we grow. 
  • Together we create. 
  • Together we become the bridge to a new creation. 


This group is 100% confidential. We go deep. It’s for those whose highest value is growth. It’s open only to those who have completed the 5 Spiritual Laws of Relationship Illumination training.   If your highest value is comfort and safety, this group is not for you. 


Throughout the 8 weeks we will use the 5 Spiritual Law of Relationship as our common ground, our guiding GPS, and you will have a chance to engage these Truths an integrate them  more deeply into your own life. 

The Details

When: Meets once per week on Thursdays at 1pm CST beginning Thursday March 11th and ending Thursday April 29th 2021 for a total of 8 meetings. 

Where: Online via Zoom

Who: Applications are open to anyone who attended in the 5 Spiritual Laws of Relationship Illumination Event.

How: Participation is by application only and space is limited to 10 participants. Please complete the application below. 

Tuition Investment

Regular tuition for this type of group is usually $300 per month. However I am experimenting with a different approach this time: I am inviting you to choose what you pay according to the level you wish to receive at.

Tuition Investment: Why Am I Doing This?

Our capacity to receive is directly correlated with our capacity to give, and vice versa. Our level of monetary investment into our own personal growth and development is directly correlated with our willingness to be called to a higher standard.

The financial commitment should motivate you to show up for yourself fully and serve to push you beyond your growth edge. So I've decided to experiment with this "chose what you pay" payment model as a living breathing experiential learning opportunity for all of us!  

Please note that the "Choose what you pay"  model does not mean that this experience is free.  And it is also not "by donation".  This is an entirely new model where you get to decide what the value of this experience is to you, and what investment amount will call you to show up for your highest growth and transformation.  This is an act of service to yourself and is directly correlated to how you interact within the Law of Co-Creation. 

My one request is that you check in with yourself deeply, and spend some time meditating on what amount you should give that will allow you to receive most deeply. This will certainly be different for everyone and that's great! This is a very personal process so keep an open mind, an open heart and allow the process to work you. There is no right or wrong and no judgment from me on any amount that you arrive at. Just make sure it is coming from your soul wisdom. 

What is important is that you feel into your deeper soul wisdom and receive an answer from your heart rather than from your mind, your income level, or your bank account balance. This is an important part of the growth experience for participating in this particular group!  So pay attention to your reactions and notice your unique process around this. This is a highly experiential spiritual practice and will provide useful material for us to explore during the 8 weeks. 

Next Steps: Select an Intake Call Time and Complete the Application

Ready? Here's How to Take the Next Steps:

  • Complete the application below by first selecting a date and time for your intake call (application appears after you select your call time)
  • Be sure to select the correct time zone and answer all the questions on the application (incomplete applications will not accepted)
  • I will then review your application and contact you at your selected day and time.
  • The intake call usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and is 100% confidential. 
  • This intake call is necessary to ensure you are a good fit for the group.  We go deep in these groups and it is important for me to ensure there is a good coherence between the group members so it's important we both feel it's a fit it before moving forward. 
  • If it's a match then we'll enroll you in the group right on the call.  
  • Tuition payments may be made anytime prior to the course start date via PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card.

Ready to Get started? Book Your Call and Complete the Application Below

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