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Emotional Intuitive

What is an Emotional Intuitive?

An emotional intuitive is a person who has a natural gift for discerning the emotions and feelings of others and are often called "empathic".

The empathic sense is one of our intuitive senses. It is a sense that can be developed like any other skill to perceive thoughts, feelings, and knowledge outside of what we consider our "normal" senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell.

The empathic sense if anything is related to the sense of touch, just as clairvoyance is related to the sense of sight, however one usually needs to develop a refined level of sensitivity to notice the constant flow of information coming in via this route.

While everyone has the ability to develop the empathic senses, some will be more naturally predisposed to accessing it easily, while for others it will take more practice and effort. Sometimes this intuitive sense is called "clairsentience" as it is related to the feeling body and the sensations are felt in the physical body of the practitioner.

Are You an Emotional Intuitive?

Many people ask me if I have always had the gift of healing and intuition. My answer is, well, yes I have however I didn't know or realize it until I trained as a holistic healer. That made things at times rather difficult. I did not realize until after I became a holistic healing practitioner that for much of my life I was feeling the emotions and thoughts of others! Many of my issues were a result of this not knowing which resulted in an inability to discern between my feelings and the feelings of others.

Since I did not know for most of my childhood and young adult life, until I became a holistic healing practitioner that I was a natural emotional intuitive, I also did not know how to effectively use it.

Today I see many clients and teach many students who are experiencing the same scenario and it is usually a relief for them to begin to understand how to use their ability as a valuable tool rather than experience it as a curse or something to be feared. While some people become overwhelmed by feeling the emotions and thought forms of others, there are many ways to learn to filter and process emotional energy so that you do not have to take it on and store it inside your own body.

If you notice that you easily pick up the feelings and thought forms of others, or are sensitive to the energy when you walk into a room full of people, you may be naturally emotionally intuitive or empathic.

How to Filter and Protect Your Emotional Energy Field

While a lot of healers teach their clients or students to build a bubble of protection around them to block out the energy of others, I will invite you to consider a different approach.

While learning how to build a protection bubble has its place and is sometimes necessary, it is generally a fear based practice that only serves to keep the illusion of separateness in place.

It is far more effective to learn how to handle the influx of emotional energy from your environment than it is to try to constantly block it out. After all, some of us have spent a lot of time developing our intuitive skills so why try to block it all out once we have worked so hard to develop them?

Additionally, building and maintaining a protection bubble requires a lot of our energy. This is valuable energy that we could use to address and heal our core issue around feeling the emotions of others. These core issues are usually related to limiting beliefs based on fear and separation.

What to Do Instead

What I have learned to do rather than building bubbles of protection is to program my energy field for whatever effect I am wanting to have. For example if you are trying to protect yourself from the negative thought forms of others, energetically program your aura or merkaba field with the energetic intention of "I am impervious to the negative thought forms of others" or "The negative thought forms of others are automatically turned to light and love as soon as they come into contact with my energy field"

This is actually very easy to do and I have found it extremely effective at keeping my energy clear of outside energetic influences, negative entities, waywards and hooks etc.

If you are trained in Theta healing and know how to do belief and feeling downloads, it is the same process, you just download the intention into your aura. Alternatively, if you know how to program a crystal with intentions the same process will also work for programming your energy field.

If you are unfamiliar with working with energy techniques and your own energy field consider taking our Priestess Magic: Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching Certification. 

It is important to note that this process of programming your energy field may need to be repeated a number of times before it "Sticks" but eventually it will hold for good and you will not need to expend valuable energy building bubbles around you that ultimately keep you separate from the very creation you were put here to assist.

How Does and Emotional Intuitive Heal?

So how exactly does an emotional intuitive use her skills to help you to heal? That depends on the practitioner. The way that I work is by first using my intuition and my empathic abilities as a healer to first assess what you are feeling in relation to the current issue you are presenting with.

We always start with the current "symptom" or most recent or noticeable disturbance to your peace. This could be specific issues like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or less tangible things like lack of abundance, relationship problems or self esteem issues. I first engage you in conversation about your issue and allow them to talk freely about what it is that is bothering you.

As we talk I listen carefully to what you are saying, I am listening with my ears for words that convey limiting belief systems, as I use my intuitive sight to see energy while using my empathic sense to feel what you are feeling as you talk.

As I access the relevant information through these intuitive channels it then becomes easy to assess what emotions or beliefs are arising for clearing. Once we find the core emotion I use any one or a combination of energy healing modalities to address the origin of the experience which lead to the current issue.

Often this requires going back to a point in time where a certain incident or experience occurred and re-patterning the energetic memory from that time.  Emotional energy healing is an approach that is effective at rapidly clearing the core emotional and energetic cause of the issue. I may use any one or combination of these techniques in a healing session.

How Can an Emotional Intuitive Help You?

Emotional work is highly effective at resolving a variety of life imbalances and health problems. New scientific research is making major breakthroughs in proving the physiological effects that our emotions have on the health and function of our physical bodies and the cells we are made up of. 

To understand more about how an emotional intuitive can help you with your current "symptoms" or life issues you will need a clear understanding or how your emotions directly influence your health and well being. Read more about emotions and health and gain a better understanding about how the two are interconnected and what science is revealing about how and why holistic therapies are effective.

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