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The Art of Sacred Relationship TM
Couples Retreat 2023

The Art of Sacred Relationship and The Fifth Way: A Sacred Path to Truth

There is an ancient path of self knowledge which teaches us how to use romantic love, Eros, as a profound secret pathway to the Divine. These relationships are characterized by two individuals who come together for the purpose of profound healing, expansion of the soul wisdom, and Divine revelation.

The ancient mystics referred to them as Fifth Way relationships and they are among the most sacred of spiritual paths.

Most of us initially enter into relationship for a different purpose. We are sexually attracted, we are in love, we have found someone we can finally be ourselves with. We share dreams and goals. We love. We fight. And love some more. We are together for a reason, a season or even a lifetime.

But underneath Eros's initial lures of love and mutual attraction lies a realm of intimate experience just waiting to be excavated. This realm is deeper than what we see and experience on the surface of our intimate relationships.

It is a domain that goes beyond the cultivation of intimacy, the learning of effective communication skills, and the pursuit of sexual satisfaction and intimate fulfillment that most of us spend so much time trying to balance and create.

A Fifth Way relationship calls us to expand beyond the four ways of knowing and experiencing the world to find an a new and secret path to understanding and experiencing love, sex and relationship--the Fifth Way.

In the Fifth Way we move into the realm of the timeless and our vision becomes broadened to this new view we begin o see the journey of our life and the journey of our soul is not ours alone yet part of a greater story just waiting to unfold.

In the Fifth Way path, our relationships become our greatest catalysts for furthering this sacred work. Romantic love becomes about much more than emotional connection or great sex. It become the context, the container if you will in which one comes to know and to experience God.

Intimate relationship becomes the Temple in which we learn to transcend our greatest fears, dissolve the illusion of duality and separateness, and enter into the experience of Truth.

And even though we often initially enter into relationship for a very different reason, any relationship can be turned into a Fifth Way relationship once we make the choice to walk this sacred path.

The Art of Sacred Relationship work is powerful and transformative and unlike anything you have experienced before. It is a way to experience romantic love as a conscious path to self knowledge and divine revelation.

It is a structured pathway that holds the power to take you out of the common pitfalls and pain many couples become entangled in and into a state of heightened awareness where you become the creator of the lasting love and intimacy you long for.

The Art of Sacred Relationship is for couples and individuals who desire to reach a new level of awareness, understanding, freedom AND connection in their current or future relationship while deepening the love and making it last.

This work is beautiful, powerful.....and.... not for everyone.

What is The Art of Sacred Relationship tm ?

Intimacy is about much more than just our emotions. It is a path of cultivating the mind, the body and also our spiritual and energetic selves.

Most approaches to couples work over emphasize verbal communication and emotional expression, while ignoring the energetic and spiritual domains of intimacy. Emotional and verbal communication are vital and important but without the understanding of the spiritual function of a relationship and the energetic dynamics that play out between two people you are only getting half the picture.

The Art of Sacred Relationship will show you how to consciously create more connection and intimacy across these four domains by experiencing powerful practices to help you communicate more effectively, cultivate more awareness and sensitivity in your body, and take on a spiritual view of relationship so that you will be able to consistently experience more joy, peace and love and less arguing, resentment or feeling unappreciated or unloved.

What You'll Learn....

  • Consciously create more harmony and peace in your relationship.
  • Identify the root cause of relational conflict and know how to resolve it quickly.
  • Conscious Communication: How to talk so your partner listens and you feel heard and how to listen to your partner so that they feel heard by you.
  • Intentionally regain the intimate connection when connection is lost.
  • Develop a spiritual view of relationship and learn to use your current or future relationship for mutual growth and personal development.
  • Understand the different function of relationship and learn how to consistently be happier and more fulfilled.
  • Learn how to increase sexual desire, expand your orgasmic potential and enhance your capacity for pleasure.
  • Conscious Touch and Finding Your Sweet Spot: learn to get and give the touch you want and stop "tolerating" what doesn't feel good!
  • And more!

Note: there is NO nudity or sexual touching in this class.

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