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Am I an Empath?

You are an intuitive soul. You always have been. And your sensitivity sometimes feels overwhelming to you.

The world can feel like a cruel place. You feel everything. You take it all in, and sometimes this is confusing to you, you can’t tell if you are feeling your own emotions or the emotions of others. Are those your thoughts or are you hearing the energy of other people’s thoughts?

You’ve always known you were a healer. In fact, you are a natural guide, a natural teacher and helper. People seek you out for your advice, guidance, and wisdom all the time.

Problem is you don’t quite yet know what to do with this gift. You don’t know how to cultivate it.

You've thought about looking for a training program but you're not sure where to find the right one or who exactly to go to for grounded guidance on the matter.

And you can't ask your family because who would understand? After all they've always thought you were a little eccentric, that you were “trying too hard to be different”.

But the thing they didn’t get was that you weren’t “trying” to be different. You just were different.

And if anything, you were trying too hard to “fit in”, to fit their mold, or their ideas of what they considered to be “normal” or “acceptable".

And though they considered themselves to be ”normal” you could see right through them.

You could always see right through most people in fact, able to discern what they needed, what they were feeling, and what they were thinking often before they even knew themselves.

Because of this you often felt like the black sheep of your family.

Maybe you even went on into your adulthood trying to fit into roles that were expected of you and deemed more “appropriate or “acceptable” by society, so you tried to fit yourself into this mold of a job, career or even a relationship that you knew deep down has never quite fit.

If you resonate with this, then you're most likely an empath, a natural intuitive with a hidden gift just waiting to be seen, valued, and cultivated.

And the truth is that you’ve been faking to make it long enough now:

  • You’ve been sitting on your gifts of healing and wisdom for far too long.
  • Deep down you know you’d like to cultivate a life and career of deep beauty and service using your innate natural gifts of intuition and wisdom.
  • If only you could find a program to help you get the courage to make the leap!
  • And if only there was someone who could show you how to get there and how to be successful.

Good news: I am that person!

I see you. I hear you. And I can help you get there.

And that’s exactly why I created the Priestess Training Spiritual Healing Certification Program for Healers, Helpers, Coaches and Empaths!

Since 2008 I have been practicing professionally as an intuitive coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and therapist and I’ve built a highly successful business around using my innate gifts of intuition and wisdom to help others.

My special magic is in bridging the mundane with the sacred while keeping a foot in both worlds, and t then blending the best from each for a grounded and practical approach to the “not so normal” realms of spirituality, healing, intuitive work, and coaching.

The Priestess Training Spiritual Healing Certification program is for people like you and me who don’t fit neatly into “the box”, never did, and don’t ever plan to!

It’s for healers, helpers, empaths, teachers, coaches, intuitives, natural counselors and coaches who have a higher calling in this life to help others and serve the world with their gifts, and who want to work professionally making a living doing so but need some expert help and legit training getting there.

Our next training begins soon. Click here to find out more.



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