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Sex Therapy, Intimacy and Relationship Help
For Women and Couples

Sex Therapy, Intimacy and Relationship Help

You know you can't keep avoiding this problem. It has now started to affect your relationship and avoiding talking about it is clearly NOT helping! 

You lie awake at night worried that if you don’t find a solution it could mean the loss of your relationship. You are tired of the frustration, the guilt, the blame, and the pressure.

Even though you don't think anybody else would get it, the truth is that there are many women, men and couples who face similar challenges in sex that they cannot overcome on their own:

  • Perhaps you don’t enjoy sex as much as you would like to and you feel guilty about how this is affecting your relationship?
  • Perhaps your partner is not as interested in sex as you are and you feel frustrated and resentful? 

If only you could just both get on the same page!

If only things could flow again like they did at the beginning.  If only you could find a way to bring the passion, the connection,  the love and the sex back online. 

The good news is that working with a sex therapist can help you to feel more confident, get out of your head, drop the performance anxiety, deepen the emotional connection, and stop feeling like you have to sacrifice yourself just to keep your partner happy. 

Sex therapy services are offered through The Pathway to Pleasure Collective.

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Susan Morgan Taylor, MA licensed sex therapist, specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality.

I am Susan Morgan Taylor, M.A., specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality and the founder and CEO of The Pathway to Pleasure Collective.  

The Pathway to Pleasure Collective is dedicated to the education and empowerment of women, men, and couples in the area sexuality, reproductive health and personal healing. 

I work with individuals and couples in Austin, TX and around the world world who long to overcome the challenges they face in sex and intimate relationships so that they can:

  • Be comfortable in their own skin
  • Get out of their head.
  • Feel confident both in the bedroom and out.
  • Preserve their intimate relationship without feeling like they have to sacrifice themselves just to keep their partner happy.

My work as a sex therapist and relationship coach isn't about teaching you trendy tricks or techniques or getting the latest sex advice that you can get for free on the cover of Cosmo magazine.

Sex therapy and relationship help is about a real education, real change, real results and sustainable, lasting change. 

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