Here's How I Work

There are a few ways to work with me. Read below for more details. 

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Online Programs

Please take some time to view my online programs listed above under the "Programs" header on the navigation bar. Some programs are open enrollment year round while others have application dates open and close throughout the year. 

To stay in the loop about my upcoming offerings please get on my email list by Contacting Us here.

Intuitive Soul Sessions

Intuitive soul sessions are conducted over the phone. 

Intuitive Soul Sessions

Each client I work with is unique and so is the experience we generate through our work together.  I work in a co-creative open flow format where I follow the invitation of what is being brought forth through you and then serve as a guide and facilitator to help take you more deeply into your own Truth. My role is to help you access that Truth more deeply within yourself so that you may have your own encounter and direct revelation for yourself.   

What you bring and the invitation that exists within you through your genuine desire and innermost soul's longing will be the catalyst for the direction our work takes. 

Intuitive soul session may include intuitive readings, spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, etc....

Click here to read about my current rates for intuitive soul sessions. 

Private Mentoring Custom Programs

Custom private mentoring programs are by application only. These programs are curated to meet your specific needs and goals in an in depth intensive format and may include private retreats, 1:1 intuitive soul sessions, online programs and education, etc. To apply for a custom private mentoring program please Contact Us. 

Click here to read about my current rates for custom mentoring programs. 

Begin With a Complimentary Consultation

Prior to commencing our work together we first begin with a complimentary 20 minute consultation to make sure it feels like a good match. 

The complimentary consultation is conducted either via phone call. This is mostly just a chance for us to get to know each other and to discuss your goals, challenges, etc. and to determine if taking the next step is appropriate. 

If it feels like a fit for us both we'll schedule your first session during the call. 

Contact Me here to Book Your Consutlation

High Expectations

The  process of growth can be uncomfortable and sometimes feel confronting.  

It's important that you understand that working with me is a co-created experience for which we are both accountable. What you bring to the equation and how you show up in your sessions is equally important to the skills and expertise I bring to the equation. 

I hold a sacred space for you to do deep inner work.  And I am completely dedicated to serving you at the highest capacity using the my skills, training, and knowledge.

I show up 100% fully committed to you and your process.  Therefore, I only accept clients who are also 100% committed to showing up for themselves and who are willing to do whatever it takes. 

High Level Service

I offer my clients a high level of personalized service. Therefore I only accept a limited number of new clients each month, allowing me to provide a higher caliber of service to you.

Ready to Move Forward? Here's How to Take the Next Step.

The next step is to book your complimentary 20 minute consultation with me by clicking the link below.

Please allow about 20 minutes for this call. Come ready to discuss your challenges and also share your desires and outcomes for our work together.

There is no obligation to move forward with working together by booking this call. I only offer an invitation to take the next step if it's a fit for us both and if I am confident that I can help you. 

Consultations are conduced via phone call for al United States and Canada residents. International clients will meet via Zoom video conferencing and a link will be sent to you in a separate email after booking.

Contact Me here to Book Your Consutlation

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Do I Start?

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